Since I changed my mindset from “DIY” to “time effective”, I started looking for a decent WordPress theme for my website. Having learned from previous experience, I jot down exactly what I wanted from a theme. Here were they in order of importance:

  1. It must make my website look beautiful and professional
  2. It must work on mobile (mobile responsive)
  3. It must be SEO optimized
  4. It mustn’t require any sort of coding – or just a little bit at most

It turned out to be a tough task. I tried many free WordPress themes, but to no effect. I kept changing my website’s theme almost every 3 days, which cost me dear. Lot of time and efforts wasted. Worst of all, I started losing my focus. Instead of focusing 100% on creating great content and products for my website, I lost my focus on trying to edit my themes, make it look better and so on even though my website hardly attracted any visitors at the time… I’m sure many of you have experienced this at some point on your online marketing journey.

The nightmare would eventually end when I came across Thematic theme and then Genesis Framework by StudioPress in particular. Though Genesis Framework is absolutely brilliant, I realise it’s not a theme for everyone, especially beginners. I was a little bit struggling at first until I landed on Elegant Themes’ website, which proves to be a game changer for then a beginner like me.

Here are 5 reasons why I’m using Elegant Themes for my website and you should too.

1. It’s affordable

The first thing you’d notice about Elegant themes is that it’s affordable for most WordPress users. $69 for 87 beautiful themes is an awesome if not irresistible deal. You literally pay less than $0.8 for a theme! As a matter of fact, many developers charge from $30 to $300 for just one theme, used in only one website. For example, theme X – one of the most popular themes on Themeforest cost you $64 for a regular license, which only allows you to use the theme for a single website where your users are not charged for.


With Elegant Themes, you only need to pay $69 for the Personal package and you can use these themes on as many websites as you wish to. You can upgrade to the Developer package which costs you $89 annually if you want a complete access to their plugins and layered Photoshop (PSD) files. You also have an option to have a lifetime access to all these themes, plugins, PSD files with one time payment of $249. Considering the quality of their themes, this is a great price for most people, particularly those who aren’t so willing to sacrifice cost for quality.

One package, an affordable price and 87 beautiful themes.

You decide!

2. It’s niche-ready

No matter what business you’re in or which niche your blog’s focusing on, you can surely find a suitable Elegant theme for your website. There are plug-and-play themes for business, personal blog, portfolio, magazine, e-commerce and much more ready for you to use.


With 87 themes, you have a wide variety of designs to choose from as well. Elegant Themes will gear up any niche sites that you own in no time.

3. It’s equipped with amazing features

It will be a shame if I talk about Elegant Themes without mentioning some of its amazing built-in features.

One of the most notable features of Elegant Themes is its ePanel theme options. This ePanel allows you to effortlessly control your website without touching a single line of code. All your website’s settings, navigation, advertisement banners, SEO are close at hand under the WordPress dashboard.


What’s more, there are a handful of page templates ready for you to apply to your website. Imagine you can get your site-map, gallery and contact page with an useful form up within a few clicks.

Last but not least, if you’ve used WordPress before, you’d probably heard of its “shortcodes” which basically allow you to create dynamic content and complex layout within your posts and pages’ content editor.


Creating beautiful buttons and complex layouts would never be any easier with the help of many built-in shortcodes that Elegant Themes has equipped their themes with. Want 3-column layout, tabbed or boxes content for your post (which can’t be done using the WordPress default content editor)? Simply copy and paste the auto-generated shortcodes.

4. Fantastic documentation & timely support

Unlike free themes which hardly have any documentation whatsoever, each and every single Elegant Themes comes with well documented, step-by-step installation instructions plus video tutorials that help you get started with the new theme.

Understanding well designed and coded themes might not be sufficient for their demanding and difficult customers, Elegant Themes also put lots of efforts in providing them the best possible support. There are around 10 tech support members in Elegant Themes team who actively monitor and provide support for their customers on their forum.


This support becomes even more crucial for people who’ve just started out and are likely to mess up their WordPress website’s theme configurations. Just post your questions or problems in the forum, you’ll likely get them solved within hours.

Elegant Themes do care and treat their customers well!

5. Perpetual Updates

Although continuous theme updates are essential for both security and functionality side of your website, they’re often overlooked by consumers.

Not many outsiders know that many WordPress hacks come directly from the theme itself. These updates are to make sure your theme’s bugs, if any, are fixed and your theme is compatible with the latest WordPress version. It means there will be no deprecated codes and broken layout, which could adversely affect your website and brand. The chance of your website getting hacked is significantly reduced as well.

Features-wise, you’ll be equipped with more and more advanced tools that helps you create and manage your website content more efficiently. For instance, Elegant Themes has recently introduced the new version of Divi – its “smartest and most flexible theme” with an array of new and improved features such as the Divi Builder and new content modules. That’s what we could expect from a premium theme like Elegant Themes.

These fantastic documentation, support and updates really separate Elegant Themes from some other cheap free themes. That’s also why Elegant Themes has had 292,799 happy customers, and counting.

In short, if you’ve just get started, have little experience with WordPress themes, hate playing with codes and want to build a brand that could potentially help you make money online, Elegant Themes is an absolutely no-brainer. You’ll only be paying less than $0.8 for each theme. What are you waiting for?

Ready to take your website to the next level?

Alright, here are your step-by-step actions that you can take right now:

  1. Click here to buy Elegant Themes.
    I recommend you go for the Personal package first as you can always upgrade your package later on. Elegant Themes also offer 30-day money back guarantee. So there is absolutely no risk for you at all.
  2. Download and install Divi theme – it’s simply “the smartest and the most flexible theme” in the package as in Elegant Themes’ words.

Please let me know your if you’ve used Elegant Themes? How’s your experience with it so far and how likely are you gonna recommend Elegant Themes to your friends?

If you have any questions about Elegant Themes, feel free to let me know as well 🙂