We’ve just made some significant changes on how the plugin works, and more importantly, how YOU – our beloved users will get our plugin’s updates in the future.

From now on, you will just need a single click to get our updates instantly without any hassle.

So it’s recommended that everyone who is still using Gold version 2.1.1 and below follow this instruction to update the plugin’s files:

  1. Download our Gold version 2.1.2 or above which is sent to you via email and extract the zip file
  2. Access your website files using software like Filezilla
  3. Go to this `wp-content/plugins/prevent-direct-access-gold` folder
  4. Replace all existing files on that folder with those on the our Gold version 2.1.2 folder that you’ve just unzipped
  5. That’s about it! Congrats! You’re now using our Gold latest version.

If you have any problems following these steps, please contact our support, we’ll be happy assisting you.

You can also just deactivate and uninstall your current Gold version then re-install the latest version by uploading the zip file through your WordPress admin.

However, please note that once you uninstall the plugin, you will remove all our Private URLs and their stats as well. Don’t worry, all your files are still there – just that they’re no longer protected as before though.