My Friends, This is How I can Help You & Your Business

Guys, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your overwhelming support & kind words during the past few days. I appreciate it & will try my utmost best to help you guys!

For those who I didn’t have an opportunity to talk to in person, I’m Rex from Peng Joon’s Internet Income Intensive (III). I had been learning with you guys for 3 days during the last weekend 🙂

For those who I had chance to meet and talk to in person, I’ve dropped each of you guys a personal email. Please reply to that email or simply leave a comment below to help me ensure I got your email correctly 🙂

Hello friends,

Let me begin with the reasons why I’m writing all of this to you guys personally:

First, it was the moment on the first day if I’m not wrong when Peng Joon asked us: “By a show of hands, how many people in this room know how to use WordPress?” I of course raised my hand but to all my surprise, only around 9 other people did the same thing. I was stunned. It means that the rest 90% don’t know to use WordPress!? “Come on. This is a Internet workshop. How come?” I was still shocked. My mouth was still open much to my surprise. But soon I understood why. I realised most of you are non-tech people who come from various backgrounds and industries. Many are at my cousin’s or even my parents’ age. My background had just blurred my eyes and my mind, luckily for a moment only 😉

Second, it was the moment somewhere on the second day if my memory serves me well when Peng Joon showed us how to customize our WordPress theme. Chloe – a young and pretty Singaporean girl who was sitting next to me, was following him closely. What truck me was that she didn’t just listen to Peng Joon attentively; she also kept jotting down all the steps he said all over her textbook. I was like “Wow”. And I told her “You remind me of my mom. She did exactly the same thing!”

A couple of years back when I was about to show my mom how to send a text message to multiple people on her phone. “Wait a minute”, she said. “Why mom? Why you keep asking me to help you and now you run away?” “Cos I gotta take my pen and notebook first”. She then just “slow down”, “hang on”, “let me write it down first”… Chloe’s moments made me kinda miss home for a while 😯

Back to the topic, I then realized Chloe was not the only one. I saw many people jotting down that much notes to their textbooks or notebooks. I haven’t really done something like that before to be honest. But I understand what you guys were doing through my mom, my aunt and some of my clients…

That’s why I’m writing & doing this. I understand the difficulties you have to face as well as your frustration in learning all these new technologies in general and WordPress in particular. I believe I’ve helped and answered some of your questions during the workshop. But you guys seem to have more questions which I promise to help you more on this. It’s just right up my alley!

Before I go any further, allow me to explain a little bit more about this. I’m building this website as per the III’s pre-training, which is exactly same as what you’ve done, just that it was not meant for you guys actually. I intend to target customers in the US, UK and Australia who are much more willing to purchase online products and services. This was not part of my plan either. In fact, I only started writing this on Monday night after coming back from the III realizing all these difficulties and problems that you encounter.

I’m here to genuinely help you guys!

By now, you probably know that, no matter what your business is, whether it is online or offline, you will eventually need a good-looking website (& a list) which should also work well on mobile as well at the very least. I believe with all my experience in this industry (you can read more about it on my about page), I’m “qualified” to help you guys.

So are you READY to take your business to the next level by leveraging the Internet? Cool, what you guys might wanna do is to subscribe to my newsletter RIGHT NOW.

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Here’s an Outline of What You’re Gonna Get:

  • How to get FREE high quality images for you blog article without violating the copyright law
  • Top 3 plugins that all my websites can’t live without
  • How to get a beautiful and professional design for your website that impresses your prospects right away
  • How to optimize on-site SEO for your website
    People get charged thousands of dollars just to install this plugin.
  • Common mistakes that almost everyone makes with their WordPress site
  • A check-list for starting a quality website
  • How to prevent your WordPress website from being hacked

For novice users, here’s what you’re gonna learn as well:

  • How to use WordPress
    By applying the 80/20 principle into learning, you will find WordPress is much easier to use than you might think.
  • How to track your website’s performance
  • How to quickly set up an autoresponder for your website using Aweber

and much more…

They will all be delivered to your inbox soon.

This whole chunk of information is consolidated from my entire 4 years of professional working experience with website in general and WordPress in particular, which is a result of thousands of hours of research, of dedicated efforts, of trial and error... If you rather have a number for easier reference, I would humbly believe this is worth at least S$40,000. Yes, you read it right. S$40,000 worth of blood, sweat and even tears. No kidding whatsoever.

But today, I’m gonna give you all of this knowledge, hands-on experience, references, tips and tricks from a WordPress insider for $10,000 hmm hmm nah for FREE!!!

What’s more, I will give them all to you in the simplest, jargon-free language that you probably find it hard not to understand 😛

The main reason you guys should subscribe to my newsletter RIGHT NOW is that after you guys subscribe I can easily broadcast those information to all of you guys easily. Honestly, I don’t have enough time to send emails to each and every single one of you personally and manually like this in the future. My time for this is pretty limited. I have a full time job and most importantly, same as you guys, I have my online business to work on as well.

I’m here to genuinely help you guys on this technical side so that you can focus more on the more important side of your business. It’s best if we could then build a personal relationship with one another which I’m gonna explain more in another post soon. Later on, if you find me smart enough to work with you guys on your business, I’m open to be your partner as well 😉

I’m not here to sell you guys anything. I will recommend you some top plugins and themes that I’m using right now for my online business, which you may have to buy them yourselves. But that’s own your decisions. You either save time or you save money. Please bear in mind that although we might lost all of our money, we could soon recover & earn twice that amount. Our time is limited though. Once it passes by, it’s gone forever. Even worse, if you don’t take any action now, you’re probably gonna lose both.

Wait, it doesn’t end yet 😉

Before I end this long long post, I’d like to share with you, especially those who have asked me about it, this payment receipt:


Hoang Huu Thinh is my full name 😉

The above screenshot is one of the payments that I’ve been consistently receiving monthly from GOOGLE for almost 1.5 years till now “without doing anything” (after what Peng Joon taught us, I hope you guys understand what it really means).

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t post this to impress you. I’m not gonna teach you “Online Marketing” stuff anyway. At least not now. I’m not a pro on this yet. You’d better learn it from the masters like Peng Joon and his team. I post this because some of you have asked after listening to my story. And I thought this could serve as an inspiration for you guys to dream and achieve more. This is actually the first time ever that I publish my check and earning online 😉

Anyway guys, WHAT IF I will send you guys some updates on my Internet marketing journey once in a while especially when I make some significant progress – reaching my first $3,000/month milestone for example? Would you guys be interested in that as well? Please let me know what you guys think in the comment below.

The last thing I’d like to leave you guys with is this:

It is real & 100% possible!

I started at the exact same point as you are right now – probably even lower. I knew how to set up a website but didn’t know anything about WordPress. I couldn’t afford to spend $47 to buy a plugin that I really wanted to use, let alone attending this kind of amazing workshop where I believe Peng Joon has helped shorten our learning curve dramatically..

Last but not least, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter. I have a special message for those who are interested.

Guys, don’t forget to confirm your email address by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email after you submit this form.

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