My Team

Ken Blanchard once said: “None of us is as smart as all of us.” And I find it absolutely true. The website would not be able to come to live and achieve the success it has today if I didn’t have my team. Here are the team members who have contributed tremendously to our work. Say Hi!

Maytha, The Untamed Designer


Nothing can tame her imagination. Maytha loves drawing since young and her textbooks used to be filled with doodles from her imagination. Now she draws more sophisticatedly using illustration, 3d animation, motion graphic and graphic design.

Hung, The Multi-Talented Developer


Hung enjoys working with technical stuffs and he always tries to adapt new technologies to make the things as clean as possible. Simplicity is his philosophy. He’s also good at guitar and badminton. And he loves to go drinking with friends.

Gaupo, The Developer Geek


Gaupo is a full stack developer. Beside loving to talk to computer via several languages such as C#, Golang, PHP and Javascript, he always loves to read books. Well, you can say he’s a geek, and he’s happy to be one.

Duong, The Unstoppable Designer


He is passionate about design and he’s eager to learn anything about websites. WordPress is one of his forte. A quote from Samuel Beckett pretty much sums up his attitude towards life – “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Chloe, The Natural Communicator


Chloe is born to be a communicator. She loves to travel around the world to meet new people. Being a ferocious writer, she also enjoys using words to share great ideas.