“Prevent Direct Access Gold v2.5 is simply Amazing!”
“More Advanced Features! Terrific User Interface! Amazing User Experience!”

See your new e-books and digital files’ download links appearing on Google?

Want to Protect your WordPress files & Stop unwanted users from downloading your digital products for FREE?

We have a simple solution that helps you protect all your e-book PDF files and literally any files that you’ve uploaded to your WordPress websites: Prevent Direct Access Gold.

Here’s how the plugin will help you and your online business:

1. Protect Unlimited Files and All File Types

Prevent Direct Access Gold protects unlimited WordPress files and all file types including PNG, JPEG, ZIPs, PDFs and MP4 that you upload to your WordPress Media, Pages or Posts. Once protected, they cannot be accessed directly via their original URLs (links). Users will be redirected to your 404 error page when attempting to access and download these files.

What’s more, our plugin also blocks access to your files (through their original links). This prevents your files from being displayed on Google search results.

Applicable Usage: Your e-book download URL will usually be indexed by Google, Bing and other search engines, particularly when it’s valuable and popular. As a result, many people will be able to access your e-books directly for free no matter where you try to “hide” these files. Our plugin offers arguably the easiest and simplest way to protect your e-books and prevent unwanted users from downloading them for free.

Protect Your Uploads Directory & Disable Directory Browsing

Directory listings allows people to list and view content of any folders, which exposes all your folder structure and their files to the public. It’s usually not a good idea as people can search for private files and exploit security holes of your website.

Our Gold version protects your uploads directory and disables directory browsing at large, making it much harder to find your valuable files.

2. Create Multiple Private URLs for each File

Private URLs or links created by our plugin are the only way to access your protected way.

In our Silver version, once you re-generate a new private URL or customize your own Private URL, the previous Private URLs will no longer be working. Now in our latest Gold version, you can create and keep track of as many private URLs as you would like to.

Applicable Usage: This feature comes in handy when you want to target different segments of your list. By using different URLs, you’ll know which one performs better than the others and how many people clicks on your link.

3. Customize Private URLs

By default, a random URL will be auto-generated for you to access your protected media files. Our Premium plugin (both Silver & Gold version) allows you to change those random URLs. While you can only re-generate those private URLs in our Silver version, you can customize the URL (its filename) to literally anything you want in our Gold version!

Random Private URL: www.buildwps.com/private/58575f26ae274
Custom Private URL: www.buildwps.com/private/this-is-my-new-ebook

Applicable Usage: A short, descriptive and meaningful URL apparently make more people click on it than a weird and suspicious URL full of random characters and numbers. Now you can customize your own private URL to best describe your e-book!

4. Auto Deactivate Your Private URLs

Instead of overriding the current Private URL to create a new one like in the Silver version, now you can just deactivate it. You also have an option to delete any of your Private URLs too.

The best part is you can now set your private URLs to expires after a period of time and clicks. This process happens automatically without any manual work.

Applicable Usage: This feature is particularly useful when you want to limit your e-book download to a certain period of time or clicks. For example, you may want your subscribers to take action now and download your e-book within 3 days. After the period, the private URL automatically expires and your subscribers can no longer download your e-book.

Prevent Direct Access Deactivate Secure URL

5. Track Private URLs Hits

Our Silver & Gold version of the plugin allow you to track the total number of clicks on your Private URLs.

Applicable Usage: Are you curious to know if your friends click on the link you send? This feature helps you just that without any complicated tracking.
This number essentially tells you how many people have clicked on your Private URLs and probably downloaded your e-books for instance.

6. Protect all Files by One-Click

Instead of having to protect individual file one by one, our Gold version allows you protect multiple or all your media files just by one-click.

Simply select those files you want to protect then choose “Protect files” (or “Unprotect files”) under “Bulk Actions”, all selected files will be protected and a private URL will be auto-generated for each file.

7. Allows your Subscribers to Access Protected Files

Our plugin not only protects your files from unwanted users but also allows some specific roles of your website such as your subscribers and contributors to access those protected files at the same time.

Applicable Usage: You’re having your own membership site or forum where only your paid subscribers are allowed to access your valuable files. In that case, you still want to protect your ebooks and such from the public, and at the same time, grant your subscribers access to those private files. Our plugin does just that.

8. Get 1-Year Priority Support

We strive to provide world class support to all our customers. Most technical questions and issues will be typically answered within one working day – much faster than free users.

It’s our pleasure to serve you! So please let us know if we can help you with anything.

9. Get 1-Year Free Updates

Continuous plugin updates are essential for both security and functionality side of your website. We will make sure our plugin is always compatible and working with the latest version of WordPress as well as other popular plugins.

What’s more, you will be able to get 1-year FREE updates to our latest version of the plugin, which will definitely be improved significantly with a lot more exciting features!

PS: New features that you will get for FREE if you take action NOW:

  • Auto-protect all new uploaded files (available from Gold version 2.2)
  • Redirect users to home or any page when accessing your protected files (available from Gold version 2.5)
  • Prevent image hotlinking
  • Restrict your Private URLs access to certain users such as admins and editors only
  • Get more information about users who clicks your private links
  • Grant access to specific roles for each and every file

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What people are saying about Prevent Direct Access Plugin

Perfect solution to protect downloadable files what are offered in an online-shop – Danyel André, Spain

So far love the plugin. Thank you. I installed it on 2 different sites/servers and it worked exactly as expected – Doug 

Prevent Direct Access WordPress Plugin is great. It’s simple & easy to use. It’s a great way to protect your websites’ files! – Michael Simpson

Our Versions’ Features Comparison

Free Version

  • Protect up to 3 Files & Protect files individually
  • Use auto-generated Private URLs
  •  Protect all files by One-Click
  • Create multiple Private URLs for each file
  • Deactivate your Private URLs
  •  Track private URLs clicks
  • Auto-protect all new uploaded files
  • Get 1 year FREE Updates
  • Get 1 year Priority Support

Silver Version

  • Protect up to 50 Files
  • Protect files individually
  • Re-generate random Private URLs
  • Create only one Private URL for each file
  • Deactivate or delete your Private URLs
  • Track Private URL clicks
  • Auto-protect all new uploaded files
  • Get 6-month Free Updates
  • Get 6-month Support

What people are saying about Prevent Direct Access Plugin

Thanks for the nice plugin guys! Good work, hope you succeed with it and keep making it better! ~ Daniel Augusto

Thanks too for all the effort you’re putting in!
You’re doing a really great job and that kind of after sales support, is unfortunately quite rare these days. so thanks again! ~ Ivo Bradica

Three Licenses

We have three different licenses to suit your individual needs

1-Site License

  • 1 Year of Fast Support
  • 1 Year of Free Updates
  • Install on 1 WordPress Site
  • Support WordPress Multisite

Unlimited-Site License

  • 1 Year of Fastest Support
  • 1 Year of Free Updates
  • Install on Unlimited Sites
  • Support WordPress Multisite

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re confident of our plugin and support that we’re offering you 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. We’re also convinced you’ll love Prevent Direct Access Premium Plugin as much as we do, but if for some reasons you’re not happy, we aren’t either.
So if you’re unsatisfied with the plugin, simply drop us an email within the first 90 days, we’ll refund you, no questions asked!

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