Protect WordPress Pages & Posts

A Comprehensive Solution to Protect WordPress Pages & Posts

“Protect Pages & Posts” provides the easiest and simplest solution to protect your private WordPress pages & posts. There are 2 ways to do so with our Gold version:

  • Password Protect your WordPress Pages & Posts by Role
  • Protect your WordPress Pages & Posts through our private URLs (links)

Depending on what you need, you can choose a more convenient way to protect your private content.

Password Protect Your WordPress Pages and Posts

By default, WordPress allows you to protect your pages by a password. Our plugin go a step further helping you set different passwords for various roles of your WordPress website. In other words, you can now set a password for your subscribers, another one for your editors and so on for them to access your pages.

You may want to password protect your private Pages & Posts when you have a membership forums in place.

Protect WordPress Pages and Posts with Private URLs 

Seamlessly integrated, you can now easily protect your WordPress pages and posts by just one single click. Once protected, they cannot be accessed directly through their original/unprotected URLs. Unwanted users will be redirected to your 404 error page when attempting to view these pages or posts directly.

Block Google from Indexing Your WordPress Pages & Posts

“Protect Pages & Posts” plugin explicitly tells Google and other search engines not to index any of your protected content so that your private pages and posts and their original URLs will never appear on the search results. Unwanted people wouldn’t be able to find and access them.

Powerful Private Links

Our plugin will automatically generate random Private URLs or you can just create and customize your own ones. These private URLs are the ONLY way to access your protected pages and posts.

You can do a whole lot more with these powerful private URLs:

  • Create multiple private URLs for each protected page and post
  • Customize private URL slug
  • Auto deactivate private URLs based on clicks or date
  • Track private URL clicks

Create Multiple Private URLs for each File

In the free version, once you re-generate a new private link, the previous URLs will no longer be working. Now in our latest Gold version, you can create and keep track of as many private URLs of your WordPress Pages & Posts as you would like to.

Auto deactivate your Private URLs for each page/post

This feature comes in handy when you want to limit access to your content to a certain period of time or even page views. For example, you may want your clients to submit a required form within 3 days.

After the period, by automatically deactivating its private URL, no one could be able to access and abuse your form anymore. Similarly, you can restrict the form page access to just 1 or 2 page views calculated by the number of clicks on the private URL.

Customize Private URLs of Your WordPress Pages & Posts

By default, a random URL will be auto-generated for you to access your protected pages and posts. Our Gold version gives you the freedom to create your own name for the private content. Now you can customize its URL slug to literally anything you want!

Random Private URL:
Custom Private URL:

Protect Your WordPress Thank You and Sale Page Now!